2013-2014 JMU Men's Basketball season tickets

Brand for Rivalmaker, a website to help schedule out-of-conference college basketball games, and create new rivalries. The symbol has interchangable colors to represent the newly created rivalries. (Site in production)

Brand for Squint pictures, a film production company.

The Idea:
When you hear/read “squint” it’s a natural reaction to physically squint.
Open each movie with an image that requires you to “squint” to see it.
Logo at the end to prompt the viewer.

Primary logomark includes pixellated face that you need to "squint" to see. This will be extended to use other images that can only be seen by squinting.

Logomark and app icon for the SERV app (in production) to help people connect with service opportunities around them.

chosen FUSE logo.
FUSE is the Orlando Baptist Church college/career ministry

The logo was designed to have a great deal of color flexibility. Bright, bold, modern colors were preferred.

FUSE cards

Mighty Men chosen logo. Mighty Men is the mens ministry of Orlando Baptist Church

Mighty Men alternates

Brand and wireframes for an app that would help you set when you should get started (your WakeTime) when you are preparing for travel or an event.

Brand refresh for One Degree Media in LA

We Do Missions was the 2007 and 2008 OBC missions conference theme. It had a DIY vibe, including a brochure people constructed themselves, banners and more. "CHANGE" was added for '08.

Logo for a group encouraging each other to get involved in their communities.

JMU Women's basketball season ticket layout.

Crest and brand refresh for Orlando Christian Preparatory School

Official athletics logo for the OCP warriors. The warrior was cleaned up and placed in a setting that could be used for athletic equipment and apparel.

Orlando Christian Prep Spirit Shirt 2009

Orlando Christian Prep Spirit Shirt 2010

Business cards using existing logo design. Introduced the burst pattern which is used throughout.

Letterhead incorporating the burst pattern.

Parking lot banners incorporating the burst pattern.

Logo for the MOMENTUM men's ministry at Summit church in Orlando.

Liecount.com attempted to count the presidential candidate's lies from the conventions to the polls.

Brand exploration for mission industries, a project worked on with a friend

A logo and treatment design for a great TV show idea by Benjamin Clyde

Orlando Christian Prep Postcard series

Orlando Christian Prep Postcard series

Orlando Christian Prep Postcard series

Orlando Christian Prep Postcard series (backs)

Rebrand for New Life Church


Freelance branding and print design work of Peter Centofante. The nights and weekends of the past few years.